Boat And Caravan Storage In Sydney

Boat & Caravan Storage Sydney

Apart from the storage of small goods and other property, we at Concord Self Storage in Sydney, Australia also do undertake the storage of large pieces of equipment such as boats, caravans, campervan, box trailers, and cars.

The ensuing discussions shall seek to explain why we are better suited to provide these storage services, provide more information regarding the storage options available under this scheme, and inform prospective clients like you of how to get started in engaging our services.


Why we are Better Suited to Store Your Property

Maximum Security

Our entire storage complex is surrounded by maximum security fencing and is also under camera surveillance on a 24/7 basis.


Highly Regulated Access

Access to the storage complex is also highly regulated, and is only permissible subject to authentication by the display of a personal identification number that is uniquely assigned to each client upon registration.


Ease of Maneuverability

The outside storage section of the complex, which is primarily used to store cars and other automobiles, is so designed as to greatly facilitate the in and out maneuverability of the said vehicles. This is due to the existence of driveways that directs the flow of traffic in a circular direction and to also allow for easy reversal.


Added Support

We do have a very robust team of well-trained drivers who will help you in reversing, parking, or exiting the storage complex. A car wash also exists where vehicles may be washed free-of-charge. Some basic repairs and maintenance tasks are also carried out at no cost.


The Available Storage Options

Caravan Storage

Storage under this option is via angle-parking. Each client is assigned a parking slot that measures 10 m by 10 m, a fact that allows easy entry and exit. Most of the existing clients prefer renting their slots continually even when they do not use them to guarantee them of the slots. This is optional though, since the slots are only paid for/leased out if and when utilized.

caravan storage

Other than these parking slots, we also have two other kinds of permanent and casual storage bays that measure approximately 10 m by 3 m and 6 m by 2.5 m respectively.


Boat Storage

Our boat storage option is designed to cater for all kinds of boats, ranging from leisure crafts, fishing boats, sail boats, speed boats, and so on. The boat storage option caters for both long and short term storage needs. We even allow boats to be brought on low loaders and craned onto their respective storage bays.

indoor boat storage


Trailer Storage

We have the ability to store trailers of various sizes and makes that may be towed by cars such as box trailers and caper trailers. We have varying storage space sizes ranging from those of small trailers to the extremely large ones. For those with small trailers, there exists a small storage spot that generally costs cheaper.


Getting Started

Advance bookings are mandatory for large boats and caravans. In case you intend to utilize our facilities for storing the aforementioned items, you are strongly advised to make timely inquiry days before the arrival of the item in our storage complex to guarantee you a spot.