Business & Commercial Self Storage Sydney

Business & Commercial Self Storage Space in Sydney

We, Concord Self Storage, are a business and commercial self-storage company that is based in Sydney, Australia. The descriptions that follow endeavours to discuss the services we have on offer, our client portfolio, as well as what makes us tick.

business document storage in Sydney

We offer the following services over and above self-storage facilities:

  • Free forklift services
  • Document shredding
  • Container ramps
  • Shelving services
  • Fax and photocopy services
  • Pallet exchange and disposal services


Our business storage facilities are mainly utilized by the following types of business entities:

  • Retail shops
  • Local car pawnbrokers
  • Online businesses
  • Businesses in-between premises
  • Sales representatives
  • Business that require document storage
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Removalists
  • Tradesmen

Possession of Various Self-storage Facilities

We have in our possession some of the very best self-storage facilities in the whole of Australia to cater for just about every other business storage needs of our clients. Our commercial self-storage facilities are particularly designed to enable easy access to trucks and other shipping containers to facilitate loading and off-loading.


Competent Staff

Our team of well-qualified, highly skilled, and competent staff will take their time to ascertain the most cost-effective and suitable self-storage solution for your company.


Excellent Track Record

The excellent services we have continually offered our clients have not gone unnoticed. That’s why our storage facilities are patronized by all the major courier companies that have a presence in Australia. This assures you of better if not a similar degree of satisfaction.


Customized Approach

We adopt a customized, rather than generalized approach while dealing with our clients. We tailor all our self-storage services to respond to the unique needs of each of our customers. We accomplish this by availing a wide variety of self-storage unit sizes which allows each client to select and only pay for the storage space he desires.


Flexible Lease Agreements

You are not at all locked into any long-term lease agreement. This allows you to rent only the space you need and/or the duration you so desire. Moreover, you are also granted the freedom to upsize (take up more space) or downsize (take up less storage space) anytime without any extra charge or unnecessary penalties. Most of our existing customers take advantage of this provision during the peak sales seasons of Christmas and New Year eves.


Provision of Physical Address

Most small businesses lack the ability to rent out their own office space from where they may set up a base and operate. Such businesses may take advantage of our physical address as launching pad to reach out to their clientele.


Excellent Safety and Security

Each of our clients is assigned a unique personal identification number to allow the items in the store to be easily tracked. This comes in handy in case of pilferage as it allows for easy investigation and follow-up.


Provision of Boxes, Cartons, and other Packaging Materials

We also provide boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, cartons, and other packaging materials to facilitate the storage, loading, off-loading, and transportation of the items in store in our premises.