Personal Storage Sydney

Need Storage Space for your Personal Use in Sydney?

For people with personal storage requirements self storage is a great option. There are no long term contracts to size. There are also many different sizes.

You will pay for the space you need and will not be billed for extra space that you will not use. We have lock up spaces that range in size from 2 sq.m. all the way to 27 sq.m.

Couple storing their boxes in self storage unit

The buildings will allow you to store your furniture and other personal items. The buildings are kept secure and clean. You will not have to worry about your belongings.

Some reason to use personal self storage:

  • Declutter the home while it is for sale
  • In between properties
  • Building or renovating a home
  • Downsizing a home
  • Hold a deceased person’s estate items
  • Going to work overseas
  • Traveling
  • Having adult children move back home
  • House sitting
  • Any many more reasons

When first signing up for self storage you may not know how much space you are going to need. Our staff can help determine how much space is needed based on your individual needs.

Why use Concord Self Storage for Personal Storage in Sydney?

Concord Self Storage makes it easy to store your belongings. We have a special build that makes loading and retrieving your items easy.

We have Driveway Access points, Ground Floor and Mezzanine Storage Units that allow easy access.

Our storage facility has long and wide driveways. There are covered loading docks and wide hallways that will allow you to use a flat bed trolley with each.

Moving in and out of the units is easy. We have special items that will help you move large or heavy items including piano trolleys, pallet jackets, moving tubs, and mattress trolleys.

All of our storage buildings have insulation as well as ventilation allowing the temperature to stay consistent. Our units are fully covered so your belongings will not get dusty. This will also keep others from checking out your stuff.

Many of the units have a mesh roof that can hold items with a height of 2.4m. Our covered units have a maximum height of 2.9m.

Free Trailer and Move in Assistance

We offer full service and that is why out Free Move In Assistance is very popular with our customers. This is helpful if you have a lot of items to move. This will help save time and you will be able to get your belongings in without a problem.

We also want to make sure you do not pay money for space that you are not going to need. Our professional staff will help you pick out a unit to store your items that is the correct size.

Accessing your personal storage unit is important. Some of our facilities have extended business hours and some are open 24 hours a day. You will still have access to your items 7 days a week.

Personal storage offers more than just storage units. We can also store cars, caravans, boats, wine storage, and container storage.

We have many options for personal self storage in the Sydney areas. Please check out our website and give us a call today to find out how we can help with your storage needs. Click here to visit our home page.