Store Your Christmas Decorations Securely

Artificial Christmas trees need to be stored at the end of the holiday season. As Christmas involves a lot of tasks, this can be a huge hassle, and doing it correctly does affect the safety of your decorations, and their usability for the following year.

The first step to doing this efficiently is to read the manufacture’s suggestions on the topic. Some will state that it’s okay to dismantle the tree, and others will say that it should be stored fully assembled.

christmas tree

It takes a lot of space to store a fully assemble Christmas tree, but it’s convenient to avoid reassembling next year. For this purpose, many companies have created Christmas tree storage bags.

It is encouraged to secure your artificial tree in one of these bags if you choose to store it fully assembled. Many of these models even have wheels on them for easy transfer. Be careful of the size.

They range from small to extra-large, and it’s crucial to have the correct space for your tree. If you choose to store your tree with lights and ornaments in tact, a larger bag will be necessary, and it will need to be handled carefully.

If you choose to store your decorations separately, there are several protective options. As many of these decorations are family heirlooms, passed down by the happy holiday spirit, some are handmade by our children, and some just hold a special place, they need to be treated with extra care.

These decorations vary and are therefore difficult to store together safely. If you have thrown away your ornament boxes, wrap your decorations in a box using tissue paper or bubble wrap.

Layer filler paper and ornaments on top of each other until the box is full. A cardboard egg crate is also a good option for storage, and many craft stores sell ornament boxes as well.

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