Getting Rid of Unnecessary Clutter by Making Use of a Storage Unit

Have you ever been blamed for being a “hoarder?” Do you have a lot of junk laying around that you don’t use? Clean up your house by storing some items in a storage unit.

A good place to start organizing things, is by rounding up all of the stuff that you don’t use on a regular basis and put all of the items into one of three different categories.

woman organising her stuff in storage boxes

Seasonal Items

Some stuff such as Christmas decorations serve a good purpose but only during certain parts of the year. Summer and winter clothes take up closet space and seasonal decorations take up cupboard space and space in the garage.

A storage unit is great for storing these items that get used for a limited time once or twice a year.


Sentimental Items

Many people have items that were given to them by a loved one or something that they hold onto due to a personal attachment to the item.

Even though these items don’t get used on a regular basis doesn’t mean that they are not worth having around. A storage unit can be a great place to keep those items you care about but may not frequently use, in a safe place.



We all know this term! Whereas some things we store are worth keeping, let’s face it not all things are. It’s important when trying to declutter to separate out what truly is junk. These are things that are broken, things you never use, or clothes that don’t fit you.

The best thing to do with these items may be just to throw them away or “re-home” them.
When picking a storage unit there are many factors you should keep in mind.



How close a storage unit is to your home may be a big deal if you need access to the unit often. If the stuff stowed away only comes out every now and them maybe location is not as big of an issue.


Building Quality

It’s important to find a storage unit that has the capabilities to store your items in a place where they will not get ruined. The nicer the stuff you are storing the pickier you should be when picking a storage building.



It is vital to make sure that the place you are storing your valuable is safe! There are many storage units that are gated and emphasize security for their customers.

Extra Perks

Some storage unites provide extra goodies to add to their storage package. Many storage facilities will come pick your items up for you. Others offer trailers and/or trucks that you can use to haul around your stuff.

Once you know what you want to store it’s a good idea to use these factors to make your decision based on the items you are storing.