How Can Self Storage Assist During Renovations

One of the main problems that you will face when you are carrying out renovations to your home is where to put all of your belongings. There are not a great deal of obvious answers to this problem.

People may consider asking friends and family to store their belongings at their place, but this is not always practical if they do not have a lot of space themselves.

There are even people who go to the extreme measures of renting a whole new property to store their things which is often at great expense.

couple moving boxes before home renovation

Is Self Storage The Solution?

Self storage has a number of advantages when it comes to somewhere to store your belongings during a renovation. You will know exactly where your things are at all times and you are able to access them easily whenever needed.

If your renovations take longer than expected, then you can extend the length of time that you will be renting the storage unit.


How Can I Make The Process Cheaper?

If you have a plan for how long the renovations will take then you will know roughly how long you need to keep your items in storage for and you can pay for this upfront which is often cheaper.

It may be a good idea to add a bit of extra time to allow for any delays that may occur with the renovation. It is also a good idea to shop around a number of different storage companies to make sure you are getting the best price. A good source to check out is


Will My Belongings Be Safe?

A self storage unit is one of the safest places to store your belongings. The units will be covered by CCTV and there are security measures in place to ensure that you are the only one who can access your unit.

Using self storage is also a good way to ensure that your belongings remain free of dust and debris.

Store Your Christmas Decorations Securely

Artificial Christmas trees need to be stored at the end of the holiday season. As Christmas involves a lot of tasks, this can be a huge hassle, and doing it correctly does affect the safety of your decorations, and their usability for the following year.

The first step to doing this efficiently is to read the manufacture’s suggestions on the topic. Some will state that it’s okay to dismantle the tree, and others will say that it should be stored fully assembled.

christmas tree

It takes a lot of space to store a fully assemble Christmas tree, but it’s convenient to avoid reassembling next year. For this purpose, many companies have created Christmas tree storage bags.

It is encouraged to secure your artificial tree in one of these bags if you choose to store it fully assembled. Many of these models even have wheels on them for easy transfer. Be careful of the size.

They range from small to extra-large, and it’s crucial to have the correct space for your tree. If you choose to store your tree with lights and ornaments in tact, a larger bag will be necessary, and it will need to be handled carefully.

If you choose to store your decorations separately, there are several protective options. As many of these decorations are family heirlooms, passed down by the happy holiday spirit, some are handmade by our children, and some just hold a special place, they need to be treated with extra care.

These decorations vary and are therefore difficult to store together safely. If you have thrown away your ornament boxes, wrap your decorations in a box using tissue paper or bubble wrap.

Layer filler paper and ornaments on top of each other until the box is full. A cardboard egg crate is also a good option for storage, and many craft stores sell ornament boxes as well.

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How Can Commercial Self Storage Help Your Business?


There is a widely-held misconception that self-storage is only suitable for persons and business entities that are on the move. Indeed, nothing could be further from the truth. This form of storage is, in fact, relevant to just about every other kind of business.

Our mission here at Concord Self Storage is to assist businesses and households to leverage the benefits of commercial storage, some of which are identified and explained below:

Self Storage Units for Commercial and Business Use


Aids in De-cluttering your Work Space

This service enables your business premise to get rid of unnecessary/unwanted items.

This way, the premise will appear more organized and result in improved productivity besides reducing hazards and injuries that may arise from time to time as a result of items that lie around aimlessly.


Allows for the Storage of Extra Stock

The amount of stock that a typical business entity handles vary from time to time and in response to the various cycles of the economy.

In peak sales seasons, businesses are often more likely to handle a higher amount of stock and vice versa. By opting for this service, businesses are granted the freedom to store extra stock conveniently.


Perfect for Online & Home Businesses

Online and home businesses will find this service particularly handy because it enables them to enjoy the benefits of traditional businesses but without the need to rent up physical office space at all!

By contracting this service, they are assured of enhanced business management and extra space in their premises.


Greatly Facilitates Business Expansion Programs

Businesses do experience a surge in orders and clients from time to time. This calls for their expansion, i.e. the need to take up extra storage space to accommodate additional inventory and new staff.

This service allows businesses to expand seamlessly as it negates the need to purchase extra warehouses and is generally cheaper.


Saves Money

Hiring commercial self-storage facilities is generally cheaper and more affordable than either purchasing, building or renting a warehouse.

This is because the business is only charged for the amount of space rented rather than a standard fee as is the case with renting/leasing space. Moreover, it is also flexible as it is devoid of long-term lease agreements.


Reduces Insurance Premium Costs

Insurance companies generally prefer to work with self-storage companies such as ours since the risks involved are generally lower than those of warehouses.

Other than that, we also have diverse insurance options to cover just about every unique business need.


Very Safe and Secure

All our storage facilities are very safe and secure. They are properly insulated against the elements of external weather conditions, are properly ventilated, are serviced and inspected on a regular basis, are fumigated regularly to keep pests at bay, are fitted with alarms for added security, and the adjacent bushes are also cleared regularly to keep off snakes and rodents.

Moreover, the entire complex is placed under 24/7 CCTV surveillance and entry is highly restricted by way of the issuance of personal identification numbers (PIN) upon registration.

Each individual storage unit within the complex has its own padlock whose integrity is checked and verified on a daily basis and each entry and exit into and out of the personal storage unit is recorded in a personal log.

Tips To Organize Your Belongings For Self Storage

There are many various reasons that people find themselves requiring the use of a self-storage facility, and when doing so almost everyone is faced with the same problem of how to organize their belongings for safe and effective storage.

Here are a few simple tips that will make it a breeze for you to pack and organize your belongings.

Couple packing items to store in self storage


Think Ahead

When starting out packing your things take a moment to pause and think ahead. Divide your belongings into three separate groups.

The first group being things that you will not require at all, the second group, items that may be used occasionally, and lastly, the items you may need several times a year.


Box Accordingly

Make certain that you pack your pre-organised groups into their appropriate boxes. You don’t want to waste all your hard work organizing your items only to shove them all into the same boxes.


Use Technology

Be sure to make use of all your available skills and technology to make things as easy as possible. Create a printable page to attach to each box, describing the contents to make ease of locating your items when you need to.

If you don’t have access to a computer, simply try to create your own hard copy if possible.


Unpacking Accordingly

Once you arrive at your self-storage facility, make sure you unpack your boxes into appropriate positions. The three groups that you packed your belongings into should now be organized accordingly.

Least used should be placed at the rear, occasional use next, and any items in the more frequently used category should be placed at the front in easily accessible locations. Place boxes with the contents list facing outward to make things easily locatable.

Following these few simple steps can ensure a smooth storage experience and avoid any chaos when it comes time to locate any of your belongings.